RobotC autonomous problems

RobotC autonomous problems in competition template

We have written some code in the autonomous section of the competition template and it doesn’t run when downloaded to the robot?****

You need to use a competition switch which can be purchased from VEX Robotics to run autonomous code. Alternatively, you could purchase a wireless programming kit from VEX and use the Competition Control debugger window in RobotC

While you are waiting for that hardware, you can just copy your autonomous code and paste it in the user control task above the while (true) loop. The auton will then run once before your user control code.

Great thanks for the replies, hadn’t thought of that Doug, that’s great.

If you have a Programming hardware kit (enabling downloading of code over vexNET) then you can use RobotC’s built in competition switch.

Accessed by adding

#pragma DebuggerWindows("vexCompetitionControl")

to the top section of your code so that a digital competition switch will appear while debugging remotely.