RobotC Code for LED Lights

I recently built some LED light strips (5v) that were compatible with the VEX Brain/Cortex (3 pins). When I code the port the LED strips are in to not have power, they don’t turn off. When I replace them with a VEX LED they do turn off. Can anyone help solve this puzzle?

You said the led strip was 3 wires, whereas the led indicators are 2 wires. I think the wrong wires may be going in the wrong spots. If the power wire is connected to the signal slot on the cortex it won’t turn off.

Double check that the right wires go the the right slots

3 wire ports. My custom-made cables (that I made) have the same 2 ends as the VEX LEDS, but the end piece to fit in the digital ports (like the VEX LED)

There are two kinds of wiring for one bit digital output devices: active high and active low. Active low has the device connected between signal and +V, and active high has the device connected between signal and ground. If I’m reading what you wrote correctly, it sounds like your custom LEDs are using the opposite wiring scheme from the VEX produced ones (that is, they are on when the VEX LEDs would be off, and off when the VEX LEDs would be on).

I cant get them to turn off at all

If they won’t turn off at all, then it sounds like you didn’t use the signal wire and instead wired from +V to ground.

Wait 1 sec while I open my laptop to make a picture

All wiring colors are correct. Red = 5V. Black = Ground. I do not use the 3rd (white) pin. Neither does the VEX LED. I use the same 2 pin spots as the VEX LED does.
Light Wiring Diagram.png

The VEX LED uses the white and red pins. The white pin is the signal pin. No control is possible without the control pin. It uses white and red (+V), making it an active low.

Welp. Re-Soldering I go!