RobotC color values?

Does anyone know the sensor values for the red, blue, and gray tiles as well as the white tape when read by a line tracker?

The values vary depending on if you’re using PIC or cortex and the height the sensors are mounted off the ground. There are also other factors that can affect this such as the lighting in the environment, so I would suggest you measure the values yourself to get a accurate reading :slight_smile:

That is where the problem comes in. My team doesn’t have access to the red or blue floor tiles and the white tape, so I am unable to calibrate super accurately. I am more looking for a general range the the values tend to fall into.

From what I remember, with our setup the gray tiles usually read values at around 2100, whereas the white tape read at about 600. Also, 24A a couple years ago was measuring values for the red and blue tiles, but from what I remember, they were so close to the white tape values, that they didn’t bother trying to do anything with that. I think they may have been showing something closer to 650 or 675? However, when we were running a 5 line-follower setup, sometimes the difference between different sensors was about 50 to 100.

Hopefully this helps you out. :slight_smile:


This is what I was mostly worried about. At the REX scrimmage, Our team had an autonomous setup that would be tracking the lines, but the color tiles interfered with it and screwed it up… That is why the auton was changed to just picking up the bonus sacks.

paul i saw that you should have had the robot move forward until off colored tiles then have it follow the line

well, when the line is right next to a colored tile that can be a bit hard

Also, its not following the line that is hard, its finding it and turning to follow it the right direction that is.

I’m surprized, thanks!