RobotC commands not displayed

On one of our PC’s, my students have launched the Vex Competition Template in RobotC. In the sections where you would place your Pre-Auton code, your Autonomous code and UserControl code, the words, Pre-Auton, Autonomous and User Control are not being displayed.
The only way to see these words is if you highlight that section with the computer mouse. For my beginning students, they are having issues putting code in the right places. The words, task and the two ( ) are visible, just nothing in between.

I have searched the internet for a solution with no luck. Thank you.

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can you send a screen shot? (on a windows computer you can press windows+shift+“s”, on a mac you can press Shift+ Command + “4”)

it looks like the color for tasks are set to the same color as your background. To change it, follow this guide

That took care of my problem. Thank you very much!!


you can use " ` ` `" with out the spaces to make code

or use

 [code] [/code] 

you can use 4 ` "` ` ` `" without the spaces

yes, but it reformats the code to have uniform colors, the screen shot was to see what they see not just the code itself

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