RobotC compatibly with V5

This has probably been discussed in another thread, but will vex take away old programming like RobotC and come out with a new software or keep RobotC and just add python, javascript along with it? Thanks and sorry if this has already been discussed

Look at VEX Coding Studio fairly near the bottom here:

If you’re asking if the old RobotC will work unchanged with V5, I don’t know.

If you want to use python to code a robot try robot mesh studio. I doubt they will change it JS though, that’s much more web based then mechanical. If anything, I imagine they would change it to Java but even this is unlikely. As for robotC not working, I don’t think they will stop supporting it since they said they will be supporting 3rd party IDE developers (yes technically robotC is developed by Carnagie Melon not VEX) but I would be learning PROS just in case.

Every indication I have seen is that RobotC will NOT be compatible with V5.