ROBOTC Competition Template

We are using the the Vex_Competition_Template.c for our code right now, and we wanted to check whether or not this was the appropriate default code for us to use. Right now, we are just using the trial version of ROBOTC, and the template was located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Robomatter Inc\ROBOTC Development Environment\Sample Programs\VEX2\Templates. Is this correct, or should we be using a different template? If so, where can we download the template?

It depends what you mean by default code. The template is the appropriate one to use for competition programming, but you will need to fill it with your own code before it causes any behavior on your robot.

The ROBOTC version of the “default code” can be found by going to File > Open Sample Program > Advanced > “ROBOTC VEX Cortex Default”

As a side note, the template can be more easily opened in ROBOTC by going to File > New > Competition Template.