RobotC compiler target error crashes program

We’ve been using RobotC for awhile now on my Windows 10 tablet with no problems, but yesterday the compiler target started having some issues every time we downloaded our autonomous code to the robot. After a few times, the compiler target started opening up dozens or more windows (all saying “Compiler Target” at the top but otherwise blank) and crashing the program every time I opened it!! I uninstalled and reinstalled the program today and was sad to find that it still does exactly the same thing. We have our Regionals on Saturday and need to work on the robot autonomous program, which we usually can do very easily with the tablet (which is super convenient to use, especially for carrying around at the competitions, and is always available). We were able to use a team member’s laptop yesterday (fortunately his program is still working correctly for now, although it has been having errors with sensing the gyro sometimes), but I’d really like to get it back working on my tablet. Has anyone encountered this error and possibly have insight on a fix? I have sent a message to RobotC support.

I finally managed to fix this problem after spending quite a bit of time researching. Uninstalling and reinstalling several times didn’t work (the problem was still there when I opened the newly installed program!) and no one at support ever contacted me. I ended up uninstalling everything to do with RobotC (the program, the Vexos utility, the programming driver, and the virtual worlds packs) and then going to regedit, where I deleted the Robomatter Inc folder under HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software. I then re-started the tablet and installed the new program again (running as admin). It worked! My RobotC is now opening clean again. I’m pretty scared of that dratted compiler now, though… lol.