RobotC controller programming help

While I was learning ROBOTC from tutorials, they used a command called ‘Ch2’ and ‘Btn2U’ to program the controller. When I typed it in, it gave the output of “short assumed”.

Is there a new command? I am using a cortex controller that has 8 channels. Here is part of my code that has an error.

Assuming you are using VEX IQ, coz’ Cortex is no longer competition legal. The valid syntax is

if(getJoystickValue(BtnLUp) == 1)
setMotorSpeed(armMotor, -100);

getJoystickValue-Btn (

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In case you are trying to learn VEX EDR to get yourself ready for VRC competition, but no access to V5 yet. I suggest you to learn PROS rather than RobotC. RobotC is a simplified and non-standard C, which you will need to forget a few things. PROS will give you best upgrade path on the programming side, as it supports both Cortex and V5.