RobotC Cortex- Builtinvariables.txt Error

Hi, I am looking for help regarding RobotC

Every time I compile my program I get an error that says:

Cannot Compile c:/users/[USER]/desktop/[FOLDER]/BuiltInVariables.txt

*may not be exact wording, do not have access to the computer right now.

Right before this error we had to force quit RobotC.

My program was compiling fine, as we had made no changes then after reopening the application we cannot get it to open/compile any program without giving this error, we have tried everything we can think of we have repaired the application through installer, then even uninstalled and reinstalled.

It certainly sounds like your ROBOTC installation is corrupted somehow. Try deleting the ROBOTC registry values (view menu->Delete all registry values) and see if that helps. Otherwise I suggest you open a support ticket at the website.