RobotC crashes when more than 10 variables exist. Help lost my code!

Hi, I was programming my holonomic and now after making about 10 variables controlling everything, it crashes. I have tried to delete them with no luck as it crashes while doing this. Options would be appreciated.

Any permanent fix would be appreciated.

If you have a program that demonstrates this please add it to this thread as an attachment. I will look into this next week if I have time.

Is this graphical ROBOTC or normal?

This is Graphical. Do you have any solutions? It’s really making this hard for me.

My competition is in 10 days, can someone help me?

I just had a quick look and, although ROBOTC graphical is not really meant for large programs with many variables, it did not crash on me when I added 15 variables.
If you can add a program that demonstrates the problem to this thread then we can have a look, otherwise I suggest you switch over to using ROBOTC in text mode for your competition.

When I have time i’ll record it. I can crash it very consistently. You also have to use the variables if you made 15. What happens is that when you get past ten you’ll see the first variable you made will disappear and respectively, all of them. Then, if you try to reselect the ones that disappeared, it says it cannot be found and if you try to create a new one its says it already exists.

So it turns out that ROBOTC graphical has a limit of 10 user variables, however, the bounds check has a bug which is causing the problem you describe. I’m afraid there’s not much I can do short term, we will address in the next version but for now you have to use 10 or less variables. The alternative is to switch over to text mode where there is no limit.