RobotC Dark Theme

Hello Everyone!

All programmers are vampires who work in coffee shops, we all know this. But the there is to much white. We need a dark theme.

I will have so much more respect for RobotC is we just get a dark theme. Then I’ll be able to suck peoples bloo- I mean program.


~All jokes aside, it would be great if we could have a dark theme~

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Like really great.

I support this initiative.


Team 21S/21C, 64030X, and 2158S all support this message.

4088A and 4088B support this message #supported.

I only ever use RobotC for Motor & Sensor Setup and compiling, so functions/macros to replace #pragmas and command-line compiling would be nice. I use Notepad++ the rest of the time.

However, yes, a dark theme, or even Notepad++'s custom themes, would be terrific. I might even switch back to the IDE for code writing.

Team 1200 supports the idea of a dark theme, but hopes not to run into Unionjackjz1 while they are using it, as I prefer my blood inside my body.

I have to disagree with one thing there, but thank you for supporting this idea


Umm, yeah. So while you guys task the entire ROBOTC team with rewriting huge parts of GUI in ways that are not supported by Win32 (natively), I’d like to see… header files, function pointers, user configurable font and highlighting options, a proper and complete API guide.

It’s one file, download Sublime Text/Notepad++ and write your code there and copy it in RC periodically if you absolutely must have a dark theme. That’s what I did, because yes. I CAN’T STAND THE WHITE UI (but I’d still worry about other things first).

Just give the ROBOTC team more coffee. #WeNeedDarkTheme

But like seriously.
A UI Design Overhaul would be great
I get that something like that would be ridiculous to ask and wont happen anytime soon, but RobotC needs a redesign

The dark theme would actually be incredibly easy to implement in ROBOTC 4.xx. Really though what isn’t complete about the current api.

When you say you want function pointers what you really mean is a complete overhaul of the compiler which is a ton of work.

Also header files without a real linker would just be the equivalent of more c files included before the real c files. So really what your asking for is another overhaul of the compiler to add a traditional linker.

You have the codebase, I don’t. If it’s that easy, then maybe you guys should do it.

You could also invert colors in windows using the Magnifier program.
Open Magnifier>Settings>Invert Colours.

I found this on Jpearman’s youtube channel:

I would love for that to be in actual RobotC.