RobotC Error

Has anyone seen this error? (picture attached)


This error message is from the ROBOTC debugger - it’s informing you that you’re trying to use a motor command that is referencing VEX IQ ports that do not currently have motors installed.

The current version of ROBOTC Graphical Language requires your motors and sensor to be connected to specific ports to work properly. Please take a look at the configuration guide in our VEX IQ Graphical getting started user’s guide.

Note: In a future update to ROBOTC, you’ll be able to use your VEX IQ motors and sensors in ANY VEX IQ port with the help of our Motors and Sensor Setup feature. We’re hoping this update will be available later this spring.

Thanks for the link to the user guide!

Just as an FYI about this specific question. We put together a quick patch that allows you to use 4WD robots with the Graphical Natural Language. Take a look at the functionality here!