RobotC: Failed to download

From time to time, I get this message when downloading a program to the brain:
Failed to download user’s program to robot controller. Error ‘Failed loading RAM pointers to flash locations’
but it works when I try again. Is it annoying (flash memory starting to fail)?

This particular error can occur at any time during the various integrity checking methods while downloading using ROBOTC, usually if the IQ experiences a hiccup during the communication process. Unfortunately, without being able to steadily replicate the issue it will be hard to debug specifically would could be causing the communication interruptions to the IQ.

Roughly how often does this issue occur, and does it occur across multiple computers, IQ brains, download cables, etc?

Thanks, John. Can’t say it’s a frequent problem (say 1 out of 5 downloads), and that’s on a single brick/cable/computer. Maybe it could be related to RobotC version (I updated to 4.32 from 4.28 a few days ago, and I don’t remember seeing this before).