Robotc Firmware Issue


On March 19th 2011 I went to the New England’s Vex Competition in Massachusetts.

About 1 hr before the competition began (we were up first), I made a small change to the program and tried download it onto the Cortex Microcontroller va RobotC v2.31. A small window popped up prompting me to download the new firmware v2.71 to replace the older v2.07.

I connected the USB tether cable from my laptop to the cortex and clicked “Robot -> Download Firmware -> Master CPU Firmware -> Standard file v271” After the download progress hit about 20% a window with a circled red X said the firmware **was downloaded properly ** and that I should load the new program.

I loaded the program (pressed F5) and the download succeeded.

However, the motors were not responding properly to the controller. I have never had this problem before.

I checked my ports on the robot like 10 times and everything was in the right port. I just took a small snippet. I talked to like 10 different teams and they all checked my code and said it was OK.

I’m not sure what I should do. Because of me my team placed 32 out of 37. I feel really bad that I failed my team and would like some assistance so this doesn’t happen again.

I have coded in Java and Python for about 3 years. I don’t consider myself an expert or professional but I know my way around and do try and get help when I know I need it.

The window that pops up after downloading Master Firmware instructs you to download the ROBOTC Firmware as well. Try downloading the ROBOTC firmware, and then redownloading your code.