ROBOTC for new kids on the block

Newbie middle school parent coach here, does the ROBOTC graphical version work for regular VEX. (Not VEXIQ)

We are using Vex and I need the easiest way for 6-8 graders to successfully program it. Just wanting them to have basic skills this year to build off…

Yes, the ROBOTC Graphical Natural Language is now supported by both the VEX IQ and VEX Cortex platforms in ROBOTC 4.X. You can find more information on the Graphical Natural Language commands and the progression path from Graphical to full text-based ROBOTC in our support documents.

Cortex Graphical commands:|Graphical%20Natural%20Language|_____2

Graphical to text-based ROBOTC progression: [

Please let us know if you have any other questions as we are always happy to help.](