ROBOTC function list


As a byproduct of something else I’m working on I created a document that lists all functions and properties for ROBOTC when used with the cortex. This is generated from the tooltips we have in the IDE (this is slightly updated from the current version 4.52) so the explanations are short and is some cases missing. Some of you may find it useful as a quick reference, it’s not pretty as it’s auto generated by some code we have, any suggestions on how to improve are welcome.

ROBOTC All Intrinsics V4.52.pdf


Thank you! I have been looking for something like that.
As a mentor and coach I am learning RobotC and need this for teaching later. We JUSt talked about this in our robot meeting this afternoon.


Thanks! I could never understand why there wasn’t such a “master” list to begin with. One would think that RobotC would want their users to know all of the functions!

Thanks again!


Yea, I probably need to go through and edit out the duplicates, I’ll let you know when it’s cleaned up a bit.


This is so helpful! There is so much stuff in RobotC that I didn’t know about, at least I have something to do over break now :slight_smile:


Don’t forget that all of this is can be viewed in the function tree, select “Super User” menu level to see everything (well almost) that is available.