RobotC glitch

This week when I went to open RobotC I got a message that said 'The program encountered a problem and needed to close. I tried again the next day and the application got deleted from our computer. Our license was only one copy.
This thread had an answer, but I was wondering if we could do the same thing for our problem?

Hello Warrior5,

Submit a ticket to with the description of what happened and your License ID, and we’ll make sure we get the issue resolved.

By ticket do you mean just a claim or is there a specific format to follow.

You can either fill out our support form off of our website, which is what we recommend (, or send us an email directly to Either way will work, but we recommend the using the website as it prompts for most of the relevant information we need.

I submitted it this morning and received a reply by mid-afternoon. Thanks for the prompt response! :slight_smile: