Robotc Graphical (High rise challenge)

Hello all,

I am new to this whole programming thing and have started using Robotc graphical as a beginner. I was wondering if I could have some assistance with the code for the first level (Basic Movement 1)
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Could you be more specific on what you don’t understand?

Hi, thanks for your reply

The challenge instructions are to transport all 3 cubes into the “goal”. I am able to deliver one cube, but the main issue is having the robot repeat the same command two more times.

If you are using distance (or time) to move, you may not be able to use “loop 3 times” since the cubes will be in different places. You would have to return to the starting position, as well, as a last command in the loop. If you are using sensors to find the cube, perhaps a simple loop would work.

You may just have to add commands to turn and move and pickup second cube and deliver and add more for the third. Have “loops” been introduced to you and you are “supposed” to use them?

Show us the code you have so far, first put 3 `s (upperleft key on keyboard with ~) on a separate line
and also after.
Like this:

-> code goes here <-

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