Robotc help

hey guys I was wondering if somebody out there will be willing to teach me robotc.
Not the basics though i know the basics. I learned that from youtube
I want to know the advanced and more harcode programming to help my team.
If you are interested please private message me and someday i will repay you for your efforts

What kind of things are you looking to learn how to program? LCD monitors, sensors, Pneumatics?

No you won’t, that’s the point of teaching, the reward is in the act.

That being said… If you know the “basics” and want to get into “more hardcore” stuff, the way you do that is to actually try to do something “more hardcore.”

So do that, and when you get stuck (and you will) come back here to be unstuck…

ok and also what is PROS

Purdue Robotics Operating System. It’s a far more complex version of RobotC!

I’m not sure which Youtube videos specifically you’ve looked through (there are a lot of great ones out there, the VEX community is awesome like that), but have you checked out our updated VEX Cortex Video Trainer using ROBOTC (link below)? It will take you through the entirety of beginner levels of ROBOTC programming and into the start of the intermediate level concepts such as functions with parameters, PID movement, etc; you will most likely find some new, useful concepts in there that you haven’t encountered before.

VEX Cortex Video Trainer using ROBOTC:

Once you’ve look through the Video Trainer curriculum, I suggest breaking down this year’s challenge (under Fundamentals -> Introduction to Programming -> [Planning and Behaviors) into different steps, determine which actions you want the robot to perform, and finally start to program each action on your robot step-by-step.

If you run into any issues or questions during the process, feel free to let us know (with as much detailed information on what you’re trying to do, what issues you’re running into, code samples, etc) and we’ll be more than happy to help. :)](“”)

In what ways do you feel that it is more complex?

It uses ‘Real’ C and allows for Malloc/other sort of useful C features. It requires a learning curve. And the only good material on it, are cody’s 2 year old tutorials!

And the tutorials/documentation made by the PROS folks

Also, Cody made some more recent tutorials, but I’m not sure if he ever officially posted them on here?

If people feel like PROS could use more documentation or tutorials then we should make that happen. Maybe I’ll start a new thread about this sometime soon as I don’t want to derail this one any more

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