RobotC Help

Hi we are team 3731B from BCN

We want to know what means the value that we put in our code to power the motors. The motors are the 2-Wire 393 model and in the code, they have a range of -127 to 127.
This number is the speed, the torque or the force that the motor will have?

It is the value of the signal to control how much voltage is given to the motors from the 3-2 wire converter. It is a 2 byte representation of how much to open the voltage in one direction or another on the other side of the h-bridge in the 3-2 wire converter where voltage to turn the motor is the 2 wire side.

The voltage is opened up to go one way or the other in the 3-2 wire H-Bridge to drive the voltage + or negative. The signal opens the flood gates one way or the other based upon the control value give it. The length of the pulse makes the voltage open up. Short pulse is changed to a large reverse direction voltage while long pulse goes to larger voltage in the positive direction.

See this thread for a detailed view of the PWM signals. @jpearman rocks!