RobotC in the classroom

This may be the stupidest question, but I am not used to programming auton type tasks outside of the competition template.
I class the lesson the one of the very first RobotC programming exercises. I wanted to students to program a robot to do basic movements such as turning squares and circles.
I went to File > New File
We entered a simple set of motor movements with the orange cord in and it worked with all students. However when we try to get it to operate without the cord for larger movements, it does not work. When not using a competition template, is there a trigger or anything we need to put in to make the program work without the cord? I am missing something simple… I can feel it.

With the competition template we need a switch to make it work, but I don’t have 10 switches. Suggestions or solutions?

Don’t use the competition template. Go to Robot > VEX Cortex Communication Mode > USB
Then add a button on their robot and program the robot to begin the program when the button is pushed. Download the program, then disconnect, turn off the robot, then turn it back on. Hit the button and you should have movement. Hopefully this helps.