Robotc issues

As we know robotc is now free. I am having some trouble getting it though. When I moved from my secondary school (high school to the americans in the ‘room’) to university I couldn’t keep my school’s licence. Once they made robotc readily available I assumed this would update, but robotc kept telling me I was unlicensed and my trial mode had expired. So I decided to uninstall and reinstall following the new instructions on how to download robotc (via the website). Once installed however it still tells me I am unlicensed and for some reason it installed version 4.54 despite the download file being called ROBOTCforVEXRobotics_455Release.exe. When it prompted me to update I obviously said yes to installing updates but following clicking ‘yes’ nothing happened. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling again to no avail. I tried this on my brothers laptop and had identical issues. Another member of the team installed it on their laptop which had never had any previous version of robotc on it before and it worked perfectly.

Anyway long story short, I cant program and don’t know anything else to try. Any help would be much appreciated.

I thought I would message here before contacting robotc in case I’m being stupid.

So there are three differences:
1.) The laptop had never had RobotC on it. Then, there are the ones that are easy to gloss over:
2.) The laptops are different, with different software configurations, etc. And then the trickiest one:
3.) Someone other than you installed it, perhaps doing something different in the process.

If the reason comes down to difference 1.), registry keys could be the solution. If 2.), something in the software stack needs to be changed. Pretty unlikely, but possible.

You can try to triangulate by removing the software again, and having your teammate do the install. If it still fails, then a probable cause is incomplete registry cleanup–some registry setting RobotC uses is still intact.

No reason to feel stupid, go on and and contact them.

It’s a known problem with the installer that we have been un-able to track down. Create a support ticket and they will give you the necessary steps to do a clean install. If no-one gets back to you in the next day or so then contact me directly and I will try and help.

Many thanks. Will get back to you if it doesnt work.
Could it be a UK thing?

No, it’s some weird windows behavior we cannot easily reproduce.

All fixed. I just want to say that the robotc support is great and the response time is unparalleled compared to most customer service!