RobotC message log

Hi since the 4.52 update of robotc every single time I download code to the robot the message log comes up. This is a minor annoyance, but i would rather it didn’t. Is there a way to stop this?

What’s showing in the message log?

You may just want to upgrade to the V4.53 beta we released this week, unless you are going to worlds then I would stay with V4.52.

The message log is saying a lot of stuff i don’t quite understand. It just shows lots of scrolling blue text when i am debugging.
How long roughly before the new version is finalised?

Sounds like you may have turned on the low level message trace by accident. There is an option in the preference menu when super user menu level is enabled. It’s called “enable logging to message log”, turn that off. Alternatively you could just use the “reset registry” menu option, that should put everything back to factory setting.

We will leave V4.53 as a preview (ie. beta) until after worlds. It is pretty stable but there were many internal changes made so I will not be surprised if there are still a couple of minor bugs. After worlds we will push out a final version as V4.54 probably.

So you would recommend not going to the beta if we are competing at worlds?

“If it ain’t broken don’t fix it” as we say in England.

Unless you have some really important reason to upgrade I wouldn’t. You should be able to turn off the message log, that doesn’t need an upgrade. I will post next week on what has changed but there’s nothing major that would give you an advantage at worlds.