RobotC or easy c

What do u guys like better??? and why???

I currently use EasyC V4 for Cortex and I really like it. It is easy to use (Drag and drop) and it is easy to teach new members how to use it. I feel like it is good for people who are new to programming and don’t understand the language to well.

I have not used ROBOTC so I cannot really compare them.

EasyC, because once you get the text editor open, it’s plain and simple C, even if the robot API is a little inconsistent sometimes.

You might want to take a look at this thread:

I have never used robotc before. How does it differ from easyC?

Having used both as a single experienced programmer, I found:

-easyC drag and drop editor is awful if you are an experienced programmer, so the whole drag/drop vs text code becomes irrelevant for me.

-I compiled (basically) the same code in both easyC and RobotC, and found this:
–EasyC allows you to pass pointers, I had some issues getting the equivalent in robotC to work nicely (especially going two level deep).
–I defined all of my IO actions as macros, so the port was very easy. I just had to go through and change all of the easyC-specific things (timers and tasks, mostly).
–I noticed no difference in execution time, it dosen’t matter with the Cortex power.

-RobotC actually lacks support for a few advanced C constructs (pointer, callbacks, and returning data structures), although it has a stack, it does not give programs direct access to it. This appears to be to prevent screwing things up, as pointers are very easy to misuse.

-RobotC downloads are like an order of magnitude faster than easyC.

-The RobotC debugger is awesome. I would certainly choose robotC again just for the debugger. The ability to change gains and distances on the fly is a great thing. It made a lot of the PID tuning I did possible.

RobotC all the way. I’ve use both and RobotC is much easier to use. RobotC runs faster and downloads 400% faster, usually in < 2 secs.

P.S. Copy and paste is your best friend.


As a mentor, I teach my team to use RobotC in about 20-30 minutes. (less if you have ever seen programming in ANY language) I think it is a better life skill if some sort of engineering is in your future.

easyc because its the only one i know how to use

Thanks!!! can anybody get a skype and teach me how to use robotc or easy c? please

I could over Google chat. But only RobotC, it’s all I use right now.


How does robotc differ from easyC?

To all those wanting to learn ROBOTC, here are some webinars from the ROBOTC website to get started:
And here is a PDF:
Now these things resources are mainly for the PIC, not the Cortex, but there are very few differences between them, and almost none at the basic level.

I generally try and remain impartial in these discussions. Both RobotC and EasyC are capable developments environments, the strengths and weaknesses have been discussed before, however, it’s probably no secret that I prefer RobotC. Here is my top 10 list of reasons why.

  1. Multi-tasking
  2. Real time debugger, single stepping code, breakpoints
  3. PC emulator
  4. Faster download times
  5. Flash file system - multiple programs available
  6. All code is saved in text files
  7. Faster execution of math functions
  8. More open (although not documented) communications protocol
  9. Better competition code customization
  10. Cross platform with NXT/Arduino

The best way to learn RobotC… Start writing programs, keep it simple, decide what you want to do and then invest the time to experiment with the available functionality. Both EasyC and RobotC have examples and there are many more posted on these forums.

so what im getting from this robot c is the way to go?

You are getting the opinions of a small group of people. Both RobotC and EasyC have free trials (although EasyC is only 7 days, needs to be more like 30), download and play with them, then decide.

am i doing it right?

From what I can make out from the really, really unclear picture, you are. Did you take a look at the webinars and getting started document that I suggested?

yes i am learning a lot

Set the menu level to “expert” or “super user” to see additional options and functions.

You can run your code by setting the compiler target to “PC-based Emulator”, sensors will not work but many things will. Of course if you have a cortex available then even better.