RobotC or graphical RobotC

Hi there,
We started programming in Graphical Robot C but then found code useful to our omni wheels in Robot C.

Is Graphical a much watered down version of Robot C?

We would prefer to use the normal Robot C but is it allowed for elementary students. They actually prefer it at this stage having started off and gained a grasp with the graphical?

Many thanks in anticipation. Máire

ROBOTC is great for helping students drift between graphical as a starting point, then on to natural language or full C programming. I don’t think there are any rules to what grades can use what language so if they prefer text-based programming then that is fine.
Graphical has a lot more functionality than it used to but it’s still cut down - not easy to implement an X-Drive for example.

It is allowed for sure - many of the ES teams around here begin with Graphical -> Natural Language -> Text Based.