RobotC or Vex C++ for VRC

We are a new VRC team just moved up from IQ (5 years). We have been using RobotC for all our IQ programming. What would be a good programming language to start with in VRC? We certainly are very comfortable with RobotC APIs. And I saw a lot of discussions on RobotC on VRC forum. But it seems Vex C++ is preferred for some reason (class/object?). Any other reasons? Thanks.

Are you using cortex or v5?

We ordered V5 system. thanks!

Stay away from VEX Coding Studio (for many reasons that can be easily found by searching this forum).

You will probably be most interested in VEXcode V5 Text (which uses VEX C++) or Robot Mesh Studio C++.

This may also be a good opportunity to try out PROS, either with C or C++.

Use pros!!! its powerful and offer a wide flexibility. Dont use vcs! one of the problems that no one is improving it, or you have to use huge lines of code only telling a motor to spin

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Does either PROS or RMS have competition template like the one that VCS provides? thanks.

PROS does provide a competition template. When you create a PROS project, the folder src contains opcontrol, auton, and pre_auton files (or something with similar names). I don’t know definitely about RMS, but I am sure it would.

you can’t use robotc on v5 (you can use C with pros though). i would recommend using vexcode or pros, depending on how advanced you are.