Is there a Repository of all the robotc functions and their definitions?

Would make my life a lot easier :slight_smile:


Not sure exactly what you are looking for. You can look in the help documentation under help -> open web help inside of ROBOTC. Or you can right click any function and click “Go to definition” to see what code is running in that function.

I’m basically looking for just a list of all the functions in RobotC and a description of what they do.

For Example

Sets Motors in ports 1 through 10 to 0.

Being an experienced programmer I could just go to definition and decipher the code there but it would be much easier to just find it in a documentation of some sort

EDIT: I found it under then the obvious “Command Library”…Time for sleep I think

Its 10pm in Australia. It’s 6 am and I’m currently going to bed. You don’t even know man.

Yeah but after the last 3 days I’ve had to go to the Asia-Pacific Championships which is almost 2 hrs away (and peak traffic) from where I live so I leave at 4:30am, pick up a friend, be there by 7:30 ish and don’t get back till 8-9pm

After being on my feet all day, you don’t even know xD

And after all that effort we get to Quarter-Finals and we lose because one of the robots in out alliance gets disqualified for going in the opponents starting tiles and lose the second round because we just lost our high-lifting robot -.-