robotC to Brain download problem

We just ran into an interesting problem we can’t seem to figure out. Keep in mind everything was working perfectly up until this afternoon.

We downloaded a modkit programming program to the brain and it ran fine. We then downloaded a robotC driver teleop program and now we have no teleop mode. Under the “teleop” section on the brain there is no program even though we downloaded it and have used it for the past month. We were trying out modkit to see what it could do but so far it has given us problems.

ALSO, we cannot get the remote and brain to connect at all right now. We have even tried a new cortex. Not sure what’s going on.

What have we done?

  1. Re-install all firmware to controller and brain
  2. Un-install modkit from the computer
  3. Create new robotC file and try downloading that to the brain
  4. Switch Radio’s on the cortex and remote.
  5. Re-started everything multiple times.

Please let me know ASAP. Thanks guys.

I am not sure to what extent (if at all) is it possible to mix RobotC and ModKit programs. Besides VexOS, RobotC uploads an additional firmware, which might interfere with the way ModKit programs already stored.
To get at least back to square one, reinstall the brain firmware first, that should allow you to upload the RobotC firmware and your teleop program and verify the controller works as expected.

Hi Jesse,

Could you answer these questions to help us diagnose?

  1. Is the controller definitely paired with the Brain?
  2. When you have the controller switched on, is the signal indicator on the Brain “searching” or does it show a steady signal?
  3. Can you confirm that you are downloading your ROBOTC program as a Teleop program? (i.e. under the Robot --> VEX IQ Controller Mode menus you have selected Teleop)
  4. If you try to download the program with the controller switched off, does ROBOTC bring up a message saying that a controller is required? It should do.
  5. Does it work when the controller is tethered to the Brain via an Ethernet cable?

Make sure the radio is pushed all the way in on the brain (and on the joystick). the behavior you are describing is consistent with the Radio not being installed properly.