Robotc to VCS or VexCode

Does anyone know if it is possible to turn RobotC code into either of VEXs’ newer coding suites

No, RobotC is a different language from the C++ used in VexCode, and the API for controlling the robot is completely different.

Also, don’t use VCS, as it is discontinued and bad.


First, don’t use vcs. No you can not just copy past robot c code into vex code, but you can make it work with some changes.


I dont want to use VCS but I can transfer from VCS to vexcode easily so if I can get to VCS I can get to vexcode


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They both can do the same things. If you know the syntax of both, you can “translate” it between programs. If you pasted your C code, I could help put it in c++. Also remember that there isn’t much point translating auton as is will be on completely different motors.