RobotC V3.0

For those of you programming in RobotC, V3.0 is up.

What are the new features/updates?

I don’t want to speak for CMU, however, here are just a few of the changes.

Improved reliability of communication when using the USB cable or WiFi for code downloading and debugging.

Semaphores, although I haven’t tried using them yet.

PC emulator, that is you can compile and test code (somewhat) without downloading.

Gyro now works correctly.

compatibility with the virtual worlds package, again according to their website, I have not tried this.

more natural language support I think

Also I’m noticing a few small things. New “Format” button, and also that clicking “New… -> Competition Template” creates “Vex_Competition_Template1.c”, then “Vex_Competition_Template2.c”, etc. so that you do not overwrite the original Vex Competition Template, by accident.

Now I’m noticing a “Toggle Block Comment” button, to easily comment or un-comment any number of lines of code by simply selecting them and clicking the button.


Does anyone know where the building licence is located?

V3.05 was released today.

Taken a quick look, main things I see are.

master and joystick firmware upgraded to V3.20.
robotc firmware updated to V9.07

some reorganization of menus

There is a pref setting to enable an I2C tab under motors and sensors setup.
looks like there will be a I2C quad encoder and an I2C line follower array available first.
8 sensors are allowed for. This may be a mistake of course and should have been disabled.

Wish there were clear release notes, especially on the 3.20 firmware.