RobotC V3 to V4 upgrade 50% off

For those who do not read the RobotC blog, we are offering a discount of 50% on RobotC V3.XX to V4.54 upgrades.
(scroll to the end of the blog post)

I guess I shouldn’t have bought another perpetual 3.x license a couple months ago…

Will the older perpetual licenses become more prone for competition failure? I would upgrade if the team wasn’t short on money.

Is there ever a team who is not???

How much is it to upgrade with the 50% discount?

That’s unlikely, but there is no new development on V3 and we do not test on the latest version of Windows etc.

Upgrading a single perpetual license would be half the price, how other licenses are handled I don’t know, I assume you would get an equivelent V4 license for whatever you currently have at half price.

I just clicked through to see what the price for the upgrade is and all it says that is it 50% off. However, I can’t find a price anywhere… How much is it for the upgrade?

The cost for ROBOTC licenses is here.

A single user perpetual license is $79 so as I understand it, remember I’m in development not sales, the upgrade would be $39.50.