RobotC, VexNet, and field control

In preparation for our competition, we are testing the field setup and discovered that the autonomous code will automatically run every time we turn on the robot but will stop once the VexNet gets connected (about 3-5 seconds).

Procedure followed:
(1) Connect the transmitter to the field control and turn on,
(2) turn on robot (VexNet is completely off)
Result: robot begins autonomous movements until VexNet light is green then stops. Once the VexNet on the robot connects to the transmitter, the entire system runs fine (the 20 second autonomous runs the full time; no problems with user operation). So, we could always “work around” the issue, but would like to have a better solution.

Additional Info:
We are using RobotC (2.30).
If VexNet is connected (but robot off), the robot does not move. However, we don’t know exactly how to keep VexNet on without the robot on.


ROBOTC is looking into this issue.

RobotC has developed a temporary solution as follows:

Delete the line of code that states:
#pragma competitionControl(Competition)

Using the motor and sensor setup (under Robot menu), select the Program Type tab and select competition from the drop down menu.

It will generate the following code:
#pragma config(ProgramType, Competition)
//!!Code automatically generated by ‘ROBOTC’ configuration wizard !!//

This fixed our problems!