RobotC Virtual Worlds Competition Downloads


I’ve downloaded the SkyRise competition and its great, but I am trying to find where to download the previous competitions; such as sack attack and toss up. I have looked online and it seems that the download links are not available anymore. Will these open back up sometime in the future for downloads?


We only keep the current year’s VEX Game (Skyrise) and the previous year’s VEX Game (Toss Up) live on our servers at any given point. You can find the installers for the Sack Attack, Toss Up, and Skyrise Virtual Worlds levels below.

Sack Attack:

Toss Up:

Skyrise (under the ‘Competition’ tab): [

Please note that the Sack Attack download link is temporary, and ROBOTC will not allow the Sack Attack and Skyrise games to be shown at the same time, unfortunately (installing one will ‘override’ the settings for the other; only one will be able to be shown in ROBOTC’s ‘Select Virtual Worlds to Use’ list).](