ROBOTC Vision sensor demo code

I promised a few weeks back to put something together showing how to use the vision sensor from ROBOTC. Here is a simple demo that can be used as a starting place. I have only implemented very basic object reading from the vision sensor. The sensor would be trained using the vision utility in VCS or available as a stand alone install from the PROS repo (link below).

The I2C communication is based on the generic sensor library I created for this project.

PROS/vision utility


@jpearman thanks for the code. A little confused about the training part.

I still need to do the part where I say “find blue things” in either the VCS or PROS version. Is that right?

Thanks for the code, I’ll have some time next weekend and I’ll see if I can get it put to good use.

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@Foster - We have some helpful articles in the VEX Knowledge Base related to configuring the Vision Sensor in VCS/VEXcode.

Take a look at those and we would love any feedback you might have on the articles.