RobotC vs. PROS

What are the pros and cons of RobotC and Pros? Which is better and why.

The better choice is almost entirely dependent on your personal preferences and experience as a programmer. PROS makes certain tasks a lot easier (Having two LCDs come to mind); this is mainly for the reason that it gives you more control, but having control means having more to deal with. One of the reasons I picked PROS was because it allowed for better code organization (Real Includes, and other niceties of real C), but ROBOTC will probably be fine for most of your needs. Since I was programming before I started VEX (specifically in Web Development), I found the integrated, native git support of PROS super handy. Think about it like the difference between Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere or After Effects. Most of the time, Movie Maker will do everything you need to do, simply, but with Premiere, you get ALOT more control, but it can also be a hassle because fewer people use PROS. Overall, if you have already started programming your Robot with ROBOTC, stick with it, but if not, PROS is certainly something to consider

Is Pros Still C-based? I first learned C# and that is why I like RobotC but PROS sounds like it has some good features that would be worth while.

Yea - PROS is like a framework for the standard C language allowing you to interface with the cortex, handle sensors, etc. that normal C would not be able to do.