RobotC vs. Pros?

I’ve heard that some people prefer using pros to using RobotC? I don’t have any experience with pros, so can someone tell me the advantages/disadvantages of using pros over RobotC? Also what the major differences are between the two? Thanks!

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Here is what you’re looking for. If you need other clarifications not covered here, let us know.

Here are some recent discussions:

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I will go ahead and give you a couple of reasons many teams are going to PROS. PROS is actually C. RobotC is sort of C. In PROS, you program exactly the way you would using C in any other application.

One other reason I have not seen mentioned in the other threads, but may be there is that with PROS you can use more digital sensors. PROS allows you to use analogue ports for digital sensors.

One advantage of RobotC is the real time debugger. There are some similar things you can do with PROS but not exactly the same.

You can do this in any language for switches. The analog ports won’t support the ultrasonic sensor and I’m pretty sure they won’t support encoders either.

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It seems like you’re looking for the pros to using pros.

Or the Cons to using Pros. Either way. Both are good.

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