RobotC Wireless Programming

Hello, I’ve been seeing things around to do with wireless programming using RobotC. Normally, we use the orange USB tether to download our programs. How can you download wirelessly?

Thank You!

You need this, plug the RJ-45 connector into the programming port on the joystick and turn both the joystick and robot on. A working VexNET link is required.

Not only can you program, you can also open up the debugger windows and observe your RobotC variables in real time. You can also open the virtual LCD screen. With that, the fun never ends.

Using the LCD Screen Debug Window and Debug Stream wirelessly through VEXNet is very, very useful for debugging (as well as using the debugger data push to the Motors Debug and Sensors Debug windows).

To set up the VEXNet system, make sure you follow through the setup guide found in the link below. Also check out the LCD Display commands (which can be used with the LCD Screen Debug Window) and the Debug Stream commands to really open up the remote debugging capabilities of the Cortex system and ROBOTC.

Setting up the VEXNet system in ROBOTC:|_____3

Debug Stream Debugger Window:|_____7

LCD Display Debugger Commands:|Text-Based%2520ROBOTC|_____6