I started to build my first robot not that long ago. Right now, I am stuck on the programming part. May someone explain to me how what I have to do to make a robot move only from forward and backward? (the actual script) I have like three days to write the entire script for this robot, and I have never used Robotc before.
Thanks for your help.

The sample programs have a bunch of what you need already.

First part set up the system:

  1. Set up the Vex cortex to have all the right firmware Robot menu - automatically download robot firmware
  2. Set up the Joystick to have the right firmware - Robot menu - automatically download joystick firmware
  3. Pair the Joystick and cortex - USB A-A between both and turn them on.

Second part - motors and sensors set up
4) Go to open sample programs, look for moving forward
5) Open the motors and sensors set up. Make sure you plug in the motors doing the same things where they have it or change the motors to where you have them.
6) Look at the program. You will notice they tell the motor to move tied to a joystick channel. This is the VexRT] command being tied to a motor] variable.
7) Download to the robot and run the debugger. (Hit Start on the popup to get the robot going)

Step by step of what you want to do…

Has NXT robots but the concepts are the same.

A bit of the setup - it has gotten more automatic since this was written.

Has specific tutorials for RobotC with VEX. At the top of the page are different categories. Each category has several sub sections. There are videos, text, pdfs, etc. If you go through and watch all of the videos you will be able to program no problem! This is what I make my new team members watch to learn how to code.