Hi. My team just started to meet and I need help coding. Is there a new way to code with the new V5 thing or is it the same thing we used last year? I need help with coding. Especially with the autonomous.

No, this is not possible. You must use Vex Coding Studio or PROS. The “thing” you’re referring to is called a cortex V5 brain.

Ok. I know how to code from last year. Is it the same format?

Actually, it’s a “brain,” I believe.

And, no, it’s a different format. I’m not a master at it yet, but there is an option to use blocks, like IQ does it. Or, if you know C++, there’s a version of it in VCS. I don’t know much about PROS, so I’ll let someone else elaborate on it.

There’s also a few languages to choose from over at Robot Mesh Studio: Blockly, Python, C++, and Controller Express. C++ will be the most familiar to a RobotC user. Blockly is incredibly easy to pick up, and has almost everything our Python and C++ implementations have (only a few less-used things are left out).

It’s also web-based, so the only setup required is having a browser that you can add our plug-in to and getting an Internet connection.

Complete list of language choices:

Yes, the “thing” in question is known as the V5 Brain, not to be confused with the Cortex (that is starting to be phased out).

@JamsG Getting these technicalities right is important to avoid spreading misinformation. If ever in doubt, check

PROS is the (to be) open-source option; it uses pure and standard C or C++ with a toolchain designed to be easily integrated in any modern IDE.

PROS is targeted at people that are serious about programming. It will not hold your hand as you learn programming basics; the expectation is that you are already proficient with C or C++.

Also, if you so desire, you can leverage much lower-level control of the hardware through PROS than through the alternatives.

Actually, the product is officially called V5 Robot Brain.

Not the Vex Robotics V5 Robot Brain?

If using the platform qualifier it is
**VEX EDR V5 Robot Brain

My bad @lacsap @Barin

No worries - I am not a big fan of the name V5 Robot Brain - but it does help our kids use a unique term for that part of the control system…

I mean, the “Brain” is technically a cortex A9