RobotEvents billing

With the new RobotEvents website, we have some issues with paying event registration fees.
We have few teams at school (I have seen this issue at two schools already) and each team mentor is responsible for registering the team for the tournaments (and paying the registration fee).
This setup worked well last year, but with the new RobotEvents website, the mentors no longer have the ability to finish the registration by paying the registration fee.
I, as the school coordinator (on one of the schools), still see their attempts and the tournaments end up in my “cart”, so I am able to finish the process by paying the fees, but the mentors don’t and report the confusion to me. I have even verified the teams do have the financial contact set up, but it didn’t help either.

Is this a deficiency in the new website or are we “holding it wrong”?

I have seen the same behavior with one of my teams. I think one of my teams has been able to successfully register and pay for competitions without me having to complete the process. I tried to verify this now but it looks like is down.

As with any new site roll-out there are issues - some known, some fixed already, and some that need to be reported.

I can relay what my regional support manager asked me to do - email a description of the error, when it happens, etc. to your regional support manager and they will make sure it is in the ticket system/add if necessary.