Thank you REC/VEX for the filtering update to event listings on - awesome work.

@nallen01 Does this mean VexDB will be up in the near future?

It appears the .CSVs are still pretty broken, so not yet

What PixelToast said. There’s still a few issues with the data on the event pages themselves (the OP was just talking about filtering search results) such as some matches not even displaying, and skills showing the old format (separate robot + programming) but with the ranks of the combined results…

They’re getting closer to finally figuring out how to show match data correctly, but even after 10 weeks since the site went live things still aren’t accurate and stable enough for me to really do anything with…

Ah, that’s unfortunate. Hope they get things worked out soon, I use your site almost as often as standoffs.

Finally! Thank you RECF.