RobotEvents Q&A - in a convenient JSON file updated every 6 hours!

I was trying to figure out the statistics of the Spin Up RobotEvents Q&A, like how many unique question askers there were to answerers, and what the length of a usual question is. The issue is that the RobotEvents API doesn’t support the Q&A… so I created my own!

Essentially, I parsed the RobotEvents Q&A page(s) to create a JSON file with every single question asked for this whole season. It is updated every 6 hours, but if you would like to actually use it, I would recommend downloading it instead of directly fetching from the website.

The file is located at

The whole JSON file is an object, with keys being the IDs of Q&As. This is the format of the JSON file:

  "{id}": {
    id: number,
    author: string,
    date: string,
    tags: string[],
    link: string,
    unescaped_question: string,
    question: string,
    content: string,
    answered: boolean,
    answer: string | null

Feel free to ask any questions!


Wouldn’t it be great to publish an HTML document with original questions and answers from GDC and ChatGPT side-by-side?

I wonder whose answers will make more sense… :thinking: