RobotEvents question

So I’ve been trying to scout some tournaments recently by looking at match scores on RobotEvents, however, many tournaments that have already taken place do not have all the match scores.

Is this normal? Is this caused by tournament directors not uploading the scores? Or does it just take time for them to be uploaded?

I believe the event databases are only uploaded at the Event Partners discretion. There is usually no delay in them uploading, hence why VEX Via works while events are going on. In the instance where data is missing, it would be because the results have not been uploaded.

If you’re looking for useful scouting material maybe try one of the many scouting databases people have made over the years. Just to link a couple, Gael Force Scouting and Nathan’s VexDB.

A word of warning, none of these databases show the full picture. Although the original databases contain the full event data, (eg. scoring breakdowns), once uploaded they only contain the score of each match, who was playing and what alliance teams were on. Since all scouting databases are based off RobotEvent data you will still only find this information no matter how many extra calculations are shown.

Thanks for the info.

In this case I would like to ask why the event results should NOT be uploaded? What is the benefit? Why not require all results to be uploaded?

Well there are numerous reason why event partners may choose to not upload and it doesn’t really hurt anyone if they’re not. I think they’re only required for Qualifying events, so that there is actually a clear line to see who qualified and how. But you’d have to check that with one of the REC Foundation representatives.

RobotEvents is more of a nice thing to have than a need to have. It’s not mandatory at all to put an event up on RobotEvents (unless it’s a qualifying tournament as mentioned above) and there shouldn’t be a requirement to either. There was a time when the only NZ event on robot events was our National competition, even though we would hold scrimmages every couple weeks throughout the year. What RE is useful for is advertising what events are in your local area. Yes it’s also a useful scouting resource, but it’s not it’s primary purpose.

I was running the tournament server at the Australia/New Zealand Skyrise Exhibition, which is on RE, but you will notice results have not been uploaded. I was not the Event Partner at the event, neither am I an Event Partner. Although I have no problem myself with the tournament database being uploaded (it’s literally just sitting on my desktop) I can understand the reasons why it hasn’t been. Mostly being it was an introduction event to VEX for the Australian teams and therefore it’s not really appropriate for it to be uploaded. I’m sure for many of the event that haven’t been uploaded there are good reasons.