Robotevents Website continues to improve every year. Thanks to RECF and VEX for making this interface.

What are potential features that the website could use to improve the interface?

Potential Ideas:

  1. Advanced Text Search (to filter by state, closest zip code , event capacity)
  2. Showing team list 8 weeks before (instead of 4 weeks)
  3. Event lists adds column to show if event is full or closed.

Any other suggestions ?

In the past I know the scores that you downloaded from robot events stated where points came from each match but that it no longer does this. Nathan can explain a lot better than I can. Would be nice if the databases could analyze if a team earned elevation points most matches as a way to predict if they can elevate etc.

I really want the ability to sign multiple teams up at once for a single event.

Try doing that process for 25 teams over multiple events. It takes hours!

Ideas #1 and #3 I think I should be able to add to the API (and show on VexDB) as an alternative, it’s probably useful information to have in there anyway :p. It would only be able to be able to work out if it’s full during the last 4 weeks though by using the team list…

#2 I agree with, I don’t really know why there’s even a restriction on when team lists can be viewed? (There could be a really good reason that I can’t think of though)

THIS. We’ve been asking for this to be fixed for years :frowning:
The match CSVs (example) still contain the columns from Gateway (2011-2012) AND Sack Attack (2012-2013) back from when scoring breakdowns were actually working, but nothing since then…

This may be to encourage participation. Teams may be less likely to sign up for an event if they can see that no one else is signed up yet, but more likely to sign up if they are forced to assume that other people have. This probably isn’t as big of a concern for large events, but for smaller events it may be helpful.

I think it would be helpful to see more detailed match listing on RobotEvents a few days before the event. Right now you can see matches under the results tab before the event, depending on when the event generates the lists, but it would be nice to also have team-specific schedules, like what event partners can print out. I know this exists on Via, but it would be helpful to add this to the site for access on a computer and possibly printing it.

(Many event organizers don’t generate lists until the day of because some teams might not show up, so I’m not sure how easy and useful (if it might change) it would actually be to consistently have match schedules before events)

Your note is exactly right. We generally get at least one to two no-shows per event so we don’t even bother making the match schedules ahead of time.

It creates a printing burden though on the morning of the event.

I find it odd in robotevents that our team can no longer be searched for by state in Programming and Driver skills. It worked all last year, as we were near the top, and tops for a while, for the State and tracked it often.
Our scores are there in the general list, but if filter by Florida, we are no longer listed.

But does the opposite not also apply? If I’m not sure if anyone else is even going to this event why would I register for it? Would teams not just talk ask the organisers how many teams are currently registered anyway?

Like you said (and Team80_Giraffes said), the majority of the time match lists won’t be created before the event starts due to teams not checking in.

Match lists by team, while unavailable on RobotEvents, are available on VexDB in some form at least. I could potentially add a “generate PDF” option to the event pages for match schedules by match and by team (same as what Tournament Manager generates) if this would help.

RobotEvents doesn’t even list the skills scores for Nothing But Net yet, so I guess they need to do a few updates to that list anyway (the issue was raised in this thread)

Thanks, I was talking about the Skyrise scores that our still up.

Not sure that #2 is a restriction. There is an event on December 12 in Omaha that the Cyberpirates are in that already is showing 45 teams. It may be that the event organizers must post team lists at least 4 weeks in advance but have the discretion to do it further out.

Agree completely. Opening the team list to the public would be a welcomed change.

Wow, okay you’re correct. That’s really interesting… Past correspondence about RobotEvents lead me to believe that the 4 week thing was an enforced thing… The CSV file that I use for the API (and I think TM uses) still doesn’t show teams for that event you’re talking about though, so at least that has the enforced 4-week limit (this is why they won’t yet show on VexDB).