Robothon 2010: Double Cross

FIRST WA in partnership with the Seattle Robotics Society (SRS) announced a new game that is taking place over the next 4 months or so for any robotics hobby/interest groups. That includes any age level from elementary to adult/professional engineers. The event is called Robothon.

This years game is called Double Cross. Game video (not an animation) can be found here: DoubleCrossGameIntro.wmv - YouTube

Other game information, including game manuals, can be found here: [

Our school is still considering, since we’re short on funds right now. From an engineering perspective it’s exciting, but financially, we’re still debating.

Any thoughts?

My first impression was Clean Sweep deja vu, but then I added FRC Breakaway (hanging), FRC FIRST Frenzy: Raising the Bar (large bonus balls to cap things), FRC Lunacy, FTC Face Off to the list.


EDIT: And any washington teams considering?](

The insanely large point values make yellow balls almost completely useless.

I found that peculiar too; the game design committee seems to have an obsession with multiples of 11…

However, the ranking system is based on how many points your team scores after win record, so excellent teams will end up targeting the yellow balls as well.



Guess I won’t make my typical plea :slight_smile: Just keep in mind that I do graphic work such as logo’s for very reasonable rates.

If only 3D animation was faster and cheaper… Autodesk needs to hurry up and integrate GPU based rendering, that’ll help.

Very neat game, have fun and good luck!