Robotic Alliance

Here is another plan of us. STEM should not be limited in those who plan to take engineering major in the future. Instead, everyone who is interested should have the opportunity to approach it. We plan to establish an alliance among the schools in Wuhan that are interested in STEM activities, to extend the knowledge to more students (mostly elementary students and junior highs) and to hold competitions for them. We (Sannew Vex Club) has formed an alliance with the Wuhan Britain China School and done an activity for the junior high students

Vex robotics club of Sannew School has been running from the beginning of the school in 2016 to 2019. This is the first time for us to hold robot promotion activities together with other international high schools. We are also very happy to meet another group of like-minded people in a STEM education basin.

Since we find out that either in the FRC(the competition our Allies focus on) or the VEX EDR we were basically the only teams active in Wuhan, we want to use our own strength to spread STEM education to primary and middle schools in Wuhan and let more traditional public school students, like their American peers, like us, to gain access to the STEM education. In 2019, we will introduce STEM education in more primary and secondary schools and hold more competitions. Therefore, we established the “Wuhan International High School Robot Alliance”.

“From the first meeting between Molundo, the President of Sannew VEX Club,and Ricco, the President of the Wuhan British Chinese School Robotics Club, in November 2018, our online communication was pretty successful and opportunistic. The first official communication between core members of both sides in December was also the first step for the establishment of Wuhan International High School Robotics Alliance. This is also the first time for our club to visit the studios of other teams, and the first time for us to know another major robotics competition besides VEX, the FRC,” as recalled by Sean and Allen, members of Sannew VEX Club.

This conversation is written by Allen-Zhang, Molundo-Wei, and Sean-Hu from Sannew VEX Club
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We are: Wuhan Sannew International School(High School), China
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