Robotic Arm - Adaptive Modeling Challenge for Mechanical Grab

Robotic Arm - Adaptive Modeling Challenge for Mechanical Grab


Robotic system to work on the concepts of mechanical engineering and logical programming of point movement.
The presented robotic arm is developed to work on aspects of industry integration of tools 4.0. Composite elements of activity development:

  • Robotics platform VEX Robotics specific class EDR kit developed with resistant components for top level activities in the field of technical engineering. In this activity the components are fundamental factors for the physical construction of the mechanical design for future implementations and analyzes.

  • Integration of Fusion 360 Software for the development of fast and adaptive modeling to specific situations determined during the challenge (to change manipulation objects), highlighting in the process the integration of the environment for the production of projects developed in Additive Manufacturing (3D printing).

  • RobotC programming platform oriented to the development of programs for the movement of points distributed in the physical set of the robotic arm.

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Looks like fun. It reminds me of some of the “underactuated” grippers I’ve seen.

## Fantastic seems like a great project!