Robotic Arm Inertial Sensor

Dear VEX Users

For our project at the University of Antwerp, we had to build a robot with an arm.
The build is completed and now it is time for the programming.
We can understand the basic things but now we want to create the program so the claw can move in a horizontal plane or vertical plane.
Does anybody have some experience with this?

Thanks for the advice!

What is the inertial sensor for? Is the arm going to be controlled or automated?

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Inertial sensor was meant to give a feedback of the position of the claw.
The robot will be controlled with the controller.

It will probably be easier and more reliable to use the motor encoders to tell the arm where to go. how is your arm constructed? how many joints, what range of motion do the joints have, and where are your motors?


Like Xenon said, you might want to just use encoder rotations to keep track of how far it’s turned on the x axis and y axis, With a bit of math you can turn the rotations into feet. Also, we’ll need more info to help you. Pictures would really help.


The arm has 3 joints.
The method is indeed a thing I also had in mind.