Robotic Arm

I am going to be working on a robotic arm that is going to be screwed into a board with 20 pounds of weight on it so that this arm can pick up heavy objects.

I will keep you guys updated on the progress as i am in the process of disassembling the last robot i made.

After that is complete i am going to begin work on the base which is going to be a powerful turning unit for the entire arm as well as an anchor.

The arm will not be finished till next week as i am waiting for my parts to get here so that i can begin work on the rest of the arm.

If anyone has any ideas or can help me with the rest of the arm please tell me, the base is going to be made by me but i need ideas for the arm.

The arm must be very strong and hold a lot of weight.

Hear are my suggestions:

*]double the gears so that you will not break any teeth
*]double up the motors for more torque (ex. Vex tomahawk)
*]Create a very strong gear combination, but not too slow. Try different combinations.
*]Double up on the metal if you are using the weak metal bar. I suggest the L channel metal.
*]Gear the base up for torque and not speed
*]I would consider using the advanced gear kit for this project
Good luck


I have those parts on order and it is just a matter of time until they get here.

Right now i built the base and an elevated section where the base of the arm will be mounted.

I have completed the base of the arm as well as the lower sections with the parts that i had, i need a few more metal pieces and the gripper to complete the arm as well as a few collars screws ect… but i have to wait till i get my pwm cable pack to fully complete the arm.

I will put some pictures on tomorrow

This is looking to be a pretty strong arm but i intend to use this for fun such as stacking dvds, boxes ect… not for an automated vex production arm, all tho that would be sick.

Hi robo-freak, you can “borrow” some of my ideas on the image gallery. Just view my public profile and look for all the different pictures of my robotic arm. My robot uses worm gears and 2 motors per joint. You can e-mail me (, topic: robotic arm) if you need/want any help/ideas.

and plus, i realized that even with a 1:120 gear ratio and 2 motors per joint, you still have to be careful on the synchronization if you will use 2 motors per joint, or else you can wear away the gears and probably cause damage on the motors.

I even already have a comment “Thats a nice robot!” and “Darn thats cool” from earlier versions.:smiley: