Robotic Skills

I have one team going. Can I enter two different students to compete in robotic skills or is it only one team member per school that you can select? I need to know. I have two GREAT drivers and don’t want to make one sit out if I don’t have to.

For each robot, have 4-6 kids per robot/letter designation. Many times they will rotate who drives the robot within and across competitions. Some have designated drivers based on who did well or just preference.

So rotate your great drivers around. Let one do one skills run and onther do the second chance. You could have the best one get to drive for the third run if there’s time at the competition.

Or practice ahead of time using timed drills. Its’ sometimes not the one with the best drive skills but how they work together to know where to go next (lower arm as you drive to get the next objects, etc)

So I am bringing 6 kids… If they are all good at driving they can all switch out? I thought it said only 2 drivers… Is that per round? Can they switch back and forth? Or whoever starts the round does the whole 2 1/2 min round? I am confused. I know there is a robotic skills before matches… I am just asking can I have two different drivers run two different times for skills comp?

You’re allowed two drivers and one coach at the field for skills challenges/matches. If youR robot needs only one driver (controls the whole robot) then only three of your kids would be able to drive a skills challenge round at the tournament. You only get three total rounds per skills challenge (drivers/programming).

So you can’t really switch around during the challenge, only between rounds. Like Team80_Giraffes said, you can narrow down to the best three drivers before the competition and then give them each one run at the competition.

Another thing is that if there is time and the skills field is unoccupied, tournaments sometimes let you go more than three times, but after your third round, the scores stop counting for the actual competition.

Some teams control their robot with two controllers, using a parter controller. Only then would you need two drivers in one match. Our team, for example, has one wheel operator and one lift and intake system operator per match. We switch drivers between matches, but three of us always drive the wheels and four of us always drive the intake and lift system. The drivers must remain the same through the 2 min 20 seconds of the match (if you try to change drivers during the middle of the match you will probably get disqualified), but between matches you can rotate.

Also, you get multiple trials for skills, so you can rotate your best drivers between trials.

SweetMochi: That makes sense… Thank you for the help, now I know. I appreciate the robotic community helping out the new team. I am excited to tell other students they will get to drive now!

So can the same people compete in both skills comp and competition itself? I mean the format doesn’t over lap right? If I rotate between drive A,B, and C, for skills, can I rotate the same for the Competition?

Yes (10char)